About Quinn Creative


Who are we?

Quinn Creative was founded by Creative Director Roger Quinn. Together with partner Lyndal McGovern, they form the core of the team at Quinn Creative. With formal qualifications in visual art, design, and secondary and tertiary education, both have extensive experience in the design and media industry and design education professions.

Roger Quinn has over 20 years experience in the visual communications profession. His consultancy has spanned a broad range of practice including illustration, print based media, visualisation, web and screen based digital media. Clientele has encompassed regional, national and international organisations and includes Toyota, Bridgestone, BHP, Tyrrell’s Vineyards, Kellogg’s Foods, and PWCS. As a design educator, Roger has experience in the K-12, TAFE and University sector, and has held the position of Head of Discipline (Design), and Program Convenor for Visual Communications and Digital Media at the University of Newcastle.

Passionate about the power of good design to inform, educate, persuade and inspire, the partners at Quinn Creative believe in two key factors; collaboration and ‘design usability’. Successful collaboration means not only amongst the design team, but working together with our clients so that goals and objectives are fully clarified and realised. And rather than simple visual decoration, the principle of ‘design usability’ means that the primary focus is on the function of the visual communication – be it to clarify an idea, to change a perception or to make someone smile.